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*Note to college employees: Discrepancies in your contact information? Please contact your department secretary or HR for updating.
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  Last Name   First Name   Position Title   Office Location   Email Address   Office Phone
 Adams  Cassandra  Financial Accountant  AD115  adamsca@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8569
 Adams  Charmelle  Faculty Secretary I  HTC169  adamsc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8264
 Austin  Wendy  Faculty Secretary I  CSEC2  austinw@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0158
 Barnes  Ernestine  Faculty Secretary  HOS616  barnese@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295
 Brewer  Bracken  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  brewerb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Butler  Sophia  Financial Aid Technician  SDC119  butlers@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0023
 Cameron  Jamese  Financial Accountant  AD116  cameronja@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8452
 Campbell  Debra  Financial Aid Technician  SDC119  campbeld@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8591
 Colston  Clara  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  colstonc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Dewitt  Carla  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  dewittc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9795
 Doyle  Jennifer  Faculty Secretary I  CUSF100  doylej@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3990
 Finney  Brandy  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  finneyb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8423
 Gange  Mathew  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  gangem@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Hayes  Unnah  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  hayesu@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Hudock  Darla  Faculty Secretary I  HTC102A  hudockd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8254
 Humphrey  Judith  Faculty Secretary I  HOS618  humphrej@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8237
 Johnston  Linoshka  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  johnstol@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9849
 Kinnison  Denise  Facility Services Assistant  LAH100A  kinnisod@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8228
 Kramer  Meagan  Financial Accountant  AD101  kramerm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0072
 Lucio  Victor  Foreign Language Instructor  HOS611  luciov@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9796
 McIver  Erica  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  mcivere@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Meier  Danielle  Faculty Secretary I  CUH377  meierd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8292
 Nicholas  Dawn  Faculty Secretary I  CUH334I  nicholad@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8357
 Norris  Carol  Faculty Secretary I  LAH120  norrisc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8383
 Parker  Melanie  Faculty Secretary I  HTC253  parkerme@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6780183
 Russell  Summer  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102D  russells@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Rzycki  John  Fire Protection Tech Instructor  HOS640C  rzyckij@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0175
 Sampson  Timothy  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  sampsont@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3910
 Settles  Alexis  FTCC Security Officer  GCB102  settlesa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8433
 Simchuk  Judith  Faculty Secretary I  ECC202  simchukj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8566
 Sloan  Okjin  Financial Aid Technician  SDC119  sloano@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3952
 Smith  Jennifer  Financial Aid Technician  SDC119  smithjk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8562
 Staley  Gail  FTCC Security Officer  GCB0  staleyg@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8256
 Stum  Dionne  Faculty Secretary  CUH378  stumd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391
 Ursery  Tricia  Faculty Secretary I  HTC201  urseryt@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8392
 Wiley  Barbara  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  wileyb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6789849