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*Note to college employees: Discrepancies in your contact information? Please contact your department secretary or HR for updating.
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  Last Name   First Name   Position Title   Office Location   Email Address   Office Phone
 Kaehler  Cynthia  Not_Available  NC10C  kaehlerc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8243

 Kallhoff  Ann Marie  Assessment Retention Specialist  GCB202C  kallhofa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3989

 Kane  Bret  ACE PT Instructor  CBI107  kaneb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788230

 Karsch  Michael  Programmer/Analyst  ATC157A  karschm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8405

 Kaylor  Mary  EMS Dept Chair  HTC169M  kaylorm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9863

 Keating  Stephen  Not_Available  LRC118  keatings@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3625

 Kelly  Rosemary  Associate VP Student Services  SDC122A  kellyr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8325

 Kelly  Sonny  Not_Available  CUH378  kellys@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391

 Kempenich  Amanda  Grounds Technician  LAH205  kempenia@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8304

 Kenney  Dianne  Math Instructor  HOS618C  kenneyd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9817

 Keough  Patrick  Not_Available  HOS616  keoughp@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295

 Keyes  Winter  Military/Veteran Services Assistant  BTEC118  keyesw@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1056

 Kiel  Lori  Division Chair - Mathematics  HOS618G  kiell@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8523

 Kiker  Jessie  Social Science Instructors  HOS616J  kikerj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1060

 Kilgore  Mary  Curr PT Instructor  ECC202  kilgorem@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8566

 King  Karis  Not_Available  CUH378A  kingk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8543

 King  Oscar  Maintenance Tech I  LAH200  kingo@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-7356

 Kingsberry  Patrick  Not_Available  SDC4  kingsbep@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3947

 Kinnison  Denise  Facility Services Assistant  LAH100A  kinnisod@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8228

 Kirby  Kamisha  Not_Available  CUH378  kirbyk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391

 Kistner  Minda  PT Lab Tech  CUH311A  kistnerm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8525

 Kivett  Robin  Associate Degree Nursing Instructor  HTC253G  kivettr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8538

 Kleiner  Kenneth  Instructor Information Tech/Computer Programing-Development  ATC113A  kleinerk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8572

 Klickman  Patricia  PT Tutors/Notetakers  SDC127  klickmap@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8479

 Knight  Terri  ACE PT Instr (322-41001)  CEC203  knightt@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788459

 Knotts  Nicole  Culinary/Lab Tech  HOS701E  knottsn@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9851

 Knuth  Jeffrey  Program Coordinator/Instructor Law Enforcement Certification  LEEM107  knuthj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8381

 Kocher  Danielle  Curr PT Instructor  ECC202  kocherd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 8-8566

 Koonce  Torian  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  kooncet@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8380

 Kowalski  Jeremiah  Senior Network Comm. Technician  ATC151  kowalskj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1045

 Kramer  Meagan  Financial Accountant  AD101  kramerm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0072