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*Note to college employees: Discrepancies in your contact information? Please contact your department secretary or HR for updating.
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  Last Name   First Name   Position Title   Office Location   Email Address   Office Phone
 Jackson  Antonio  Academic Dean-Arts  HOS610I  jacksonal@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0058

 Jackson  Brittany  Teacher/ECC  ECC127  jacksonb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560

 Jackson  Christie  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC127  jacksonc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560

 Jackson  Frances  Curr PT Instructor  HOS616  jacksonf@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295

 Jackson  Hyon  ACE PT Instr (321-41001)  CEC203  jacksonh@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788497

 Jackson-Cash  Annie  PT Academic Support Coordinator  CDPK201  jacksoan@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6781080

 Jacobs  Penny  Prog Coor/College Transfer English  CUH384  jacobsp@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9820

 James  Joshua  English/Speech Comm Instructor  CUH392  jamesj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9777

 Jarman  Linda  Housekeepers  LAH111  jarmanl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8490

 Jay-Anderson  Mary  Curr PT Instructor  CUH378  jayandem@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391

 Jeffries  Melissa  Curr PT Hourly Inst  LEEM202  jeffriem@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-7330

 Jenks  Vanessa  Paralegal/Executive Secretary  AD168  jenksv@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8308

 Jennings  John  Instructor AC/Heat/Refrigeration  LAH146A  jenningj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9853

 Johnson  Charles  Curr PT Instructor  HOS616  johnsocg@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295

 Johnson  Charlotte  Records Clerk  NC3  johnscha@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8455

 Johnson  Cynthia  Records Clerk  NC3  johnsocc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8386

 Johnson  Danette  Social Science Instructor  HOS616H  johnsodm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9809

 Johnson  Dennis  Dept Chair/Associate in Fine Arts  HOS602E  johnsden@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0092

 Johnson  Eric  Not_Available  CUH334  johnsone@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8357

 Johnson  John  PT Admissions Counselor  SDC106  johnsonj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8427

 Johnson  Lisa  Curr PT Instructor  HTC101F  johnsonl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9856

 Johnson  Sherry  Curr PT Instructor  CUH378  johnsons@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391

 Johnson  Stephanie  Librarian  LRC200D  johnsonsa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-7351

 Johnson  Tarick  PT Academic Support Coordinator  BSDC316  johnsonta@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1090

 Johnson  Tiffany  Admissions Evaluator  SDC110  johnsontr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0166

 Johnson  Tillette  Not_Available  HTC105  johnsont@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8264

 Johnson  Valerie  Instructor Information Technology/PC Support & Service  ATC220A  johnsonv@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8504

 Johnson  Victoria  Not_Available  HTC169  johnsonvi@faytechcc.edu  (910) 8-8264

 Johnston  Ann  Curr PT Instructor  ECC202  johnstoa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8566

 Johnston  Linoshka  Financial Aid Advisor  SDC2  johnstol@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9849

 Johnston  Renie  Biology Instructor  LAH120E  johnstor@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9893

 Jolley  William  Instructor/ Occupational Ext  SLC118  jolleyw@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-7363

 Jones  Alexis  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC142  jonesal@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560

 Jones  Chanel  Curr PT Instructor  HTC169  jonesch@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8264

 Jones  Christie  Curr PT Instructor  HTC169  jonesc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8264

 Jones  Christopher  Housekeepers  LAH111  jonescr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8490

 Jones  Jason  Senior Media Production Specialist  VCC121  jonesjt@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3922

 Jones  Jessica  Dental Hygiene Instructor  HTC101B  jonesj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8552

 Jones  Lauren  Data Management Technician  VCC104  jonesle@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0191

 Jones  Maranda  PT Learning Lab Hourly Instr  VCC232  jonesmar@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1076

 Jones  Melissa  Senior Registrar  SDC118  jonesma@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8474

 Jones  Nathan  ACE PT Instructor-Summerscapes  HOS800  jonesn@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0197

 Jones  Vinessa  Instructor/Physical Education  HOS624  jonesvr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9836

 Jordan  Deborah  Counselor  SDC105  jordandc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8412

 Jordan  Gloria  Asst Acct Receivable Manager  AD109A  jordang@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1096

 Jordan  Marian  Practical Nursing Instructor  SLC118  jordanm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3977

 Jordan  Shiniqua  Teacher/ECC  ECC131  jordans@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560

 Jordan  Silvia  PT Security Officer  GCB102  jordansi@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8433

 Joyner  David  Inst-Simulation & Game Development  ATC113C  joynerd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9845

 Judge  Taylor  Server Technician  ATC151  judget@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1099

 Justiniano  Miguel  PT Coach Intercollegiate  SDC15  justinim@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3630