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*Note to college employees: Discrepancies in your contact information? Please contact your department secretary or HR for updating.
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  Last Name   First Name   Position Title   Office Location   Email Address   Office Phone
 Taft  Kimberly  Curr PT Instructor  HOS616  taftk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295

 Talarico  Joseph  Senior Media Production Specialist  VCC114  talaricj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9813

 Talasnik  Daniel  Math Instructor  HOS618B  talasnid@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8277

 Tate  David  Instructor/ Occupational Ext  SLC118  tated@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1086

 Tatum  Portia  Not_Available  CEC203  tatump@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788497

 Taylor  Joseph  Maintenance Tech II  LAH202  taylorjo@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8371

 Taylor  Lynnsey  Senior Secretary  AD167  taylorl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8480

 Taylor  Maurice  Equipment Control Tech  SR014  taylorm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8276

 Taylor  Reed  Not_Available  HOS616  taylorr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 8-8295

 Teas  Robin  Instructor-Fine Arts  HOS602F  teasr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8540

 Terrell-Camper  Shavon  Success Coach  SDC107  terrells@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3935

 Teter  David  Inst Info Tech/Com Prg & Dev  ATC244D  teterd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9844

 Tew  Joseph  Military Business Center Coordinator  VCC105  tewj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0192

 Tew  Penny  Procurement Supervisor  AD102  tewp@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8206

 Thomas  Adolphus  ACE PT Instr (322-41001)  CEC203  thomasad@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788459

 Thomas  Akeyta  Math Instructor  HOS643A  thomasa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-0057

 Thomas  Diane  Not_Available  HTC105  thomasd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8264

 Thomas  Jonathan  PT Student Lab Tech  GCB214  thomasjo@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-7309

 Thomas  Melanie  Curr PT Instructor  CUH377  thomasm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8292

 Thomas  Terry  Not_Available  CEC203  thomaste@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788498

 Thomas  Theodore  Counselor  SDC104  thomasth@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8379

 Thompson  Amiee  Not_Available  CUH377  thompsoa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8292

 Thompson  Angel  Instructor-Emergency & Health Programs  NC8  thompsoad@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6787368

 Thompson  Kecie  Respiratory Care Dept Chair  HTC201H  thompsok@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9869

 Thompson  Martha  Admissions Evaluator  SDC113  thompsonm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3988

 Thornton  Peggy  PT Accounting Technician  SDC132  thorntop@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-6253

 Tinsley  Lora  Curr PT Instructor  HOS616  tinsleyl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8295

 Tippett  Daniel  Curr PT Instructor  CUH377  tippettd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8292

 Todd  Debbie  Director of Disbursements  AD114A  toddd@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-7343

 Tomasic  Kelly  Instructor Bus Adm/General Bus Adm  CUH348G  tomasick@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8594

 Tompkins  Cheryl  Curr PT Instructor  ATC113  tompkinc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8347

 Toro  Matilda  Assessment Retention Specialist  BTEC118  torom@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6781050

 Torres  Kathryn  Accounts Receivable Manager  AD107  torresk@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8320

 Torrey  Jerry  Housekeepers  LAH111C  torreyj@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8490

 Totherow  Meghann  Not_Available  CUH378  totherom@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8391

 Travieso  Hulya  PT Admissions Counselor  SLC101C  traviesh@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6781003

 Traylor  Michael  Not_Available  VCC232  traylorm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8266

 Trevor  Robin  Military Or Veterans Services Specialist  GCB202N  trevorr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3954

 Tucker  Eric  PT Coach Intercollegiate  HOS809  tuckere@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1039

 Tucker  Michael  Curr PT Instructor  CUH377  tuckerm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8292

 Tucker  Steven  Dental Hygiene Instructor  HTC101E  tuckers@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-9857

 Tuley  Mary  Instructor Student Learning Center  VCC232  tuleym@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8266

 Turner  Anke  Senior Accounts Technician  NC12  turnera@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8241

 Turner  Edgar  ACE PT Instr (310-42004)  CUH334  turnere@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8357

 Turner  Lashonda  Department Chair-Phlebotomy & Registered Medical Assisting  CEC111  turnerl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-1084

 Turner  Teresa  ACE PT Instr (310-44002)  NC9B  turnert@faytechcc.edu  (910) 6788381

 Tyler  Brian  Not_Available  ECC202  tylerb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8566

 Tyler  Micheal  Systems Administrator Technician  ATC149  tylerm@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8265

 Tyre  Nefertiti  Pt Records Clerk  SDC124  tyren@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3938