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*Note to college employees: Discrepancies in your contact information? Please contact your department secretary or HR for updating.
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  Last Name   First Name   Position Title   Office Location   Email Address   Office Phone
 Alderman  Tonia  Teacher/ECC  ECC138  aldermat@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Allen  Nicia  Teacher/ECC  ECC130  allenn@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Barber  Lois  Teacher/ECC  ECC142  barberl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Cattle  Terrica  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC131  cattlet@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Easters  Victoria  Teacher/ECC  ECC122  eastersv@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Edwards  April  Teacher/ECC  ECC124  edwardsa@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Emanuel  Amy  Teacher/ECC  ECC134  emanuela@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Evans  Pendy  Transition Tech Recruiter  GCB202P  evansp@faytechcc.edu  (910) 486-3626
 Faircloth  Carrie  Teacher/ECC  ECC127  fairclcl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Ferguson  Tonica  Teacher/ECC  ECC138  fergusot@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Glover  Chanel  Teacher/ECC  ECC134  gloverc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 677-8560
 Jackson  Brittany  Teacher/ECC  ECC127  jacksonb@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Jordan  Shiniqua  Teacher/ECC  ECC131  jordans@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Leak  Stacey  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC143  leaks@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Maldonado  Nelida  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC130  maldonan@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 McArn  Lu  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC124  mcarnl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 McDonald  Shirley  Teacher Asst/Information Desk Student Center  GCB205  mcdonals@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8568
 McMillan  Addie  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC122  mcmillaad@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8503
 Melvin  Latoya  Teacher/ECC  ECC117  melvinl@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Mullens  Caitlin  Teacher/ECC  ECC0  mullensc@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Peterkin  Tonia  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC0  peterkit@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8503
 Peterson  Megan  Textbook Coordinator  GCB104D  petersom@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8291
 Ray  Anitra  Teacher Asst/ECC  ECC118  rayan@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Revell  Nicole  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC0  revelln@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8503
 Rhone  Victoria  Teacher/ECC  ECC133  rhonev@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560
 Wilson  Ruth  Teacher Assistant/ECC  ECC117  wilsonr@faytechcc.edu  (910) 678-8560