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How to Submit a Course Withdrawal Request from Students

 Students who are unable to remain in courses for the current term after the refund period can submit a request to be withdrawn from the courses in WebAdvisor. The course sections for which the students remain registered after the refund period through the 90% point of the section will be available for submission.

 1.  To access the Student Course Withdrawal Form, log into WebAdvisor and click the Main Menu ‘Students’ icon:




4.    Select the course section to be withdrawn from the list of classes.  A separate submission is required for each class.

5.    Select the ‘Agree’ check-box and click if the correct course has been selected.

 6.    Click the “Submit” button. The Students Menu displays after the withdrawal request has been submitted.


 7.    Repeat steps 2 6 to submit additional withdrawal requests.

 Note: The courses selected for withdrawal will remain on the list until you have been withdrawn from them by the Registration and Records Office.

 8.    The day after you submit your withdrawal request, you will be notified by email that the Registration and Records Office received your request.

9.    After your request has been processed, you will be notified by email that you have been withdrawn from the course.

 10. The withdrawn course will appear on your transcript with a grade of “W.” The “W” grade is not factored in your academic GPA.

 11. Once the withdrawal period for a course has passed, it will not be displayed for selection. The data listed below will be displayed after the withdrawal period has passed for all the course sections for which you remain enrolled for the current term.  You will remain enrolled in the class. The instructor will assign the grade earned.


 Please contact your instructor if you have questions in reference to withdrawing from classes.  If you are receiving financial aid or VA benefits, the College advises contacting the appropriate office before withdrawing from a class to avoid financial and academic penalties.

 To access WebAdvisor, click here.


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